Tuesday, May 3, 2011

4.4lbs. of Success

Judgement Day. The first weigh in exactly one week after starting the protein/carb, 5 meals a day, no carbs at dinner eating plan.

Let's ignore my toes; clearly, I have no time for a proper pedicure. Let's focus on those numbers... 154.2. That's 4.4 lbs lighter than exactly one week ago.

That. Is. Amazing.

If I can keep this trend up, I can easily be rocking that fabulous dream bathing suit for our fabulous vacation in July.

Will continue to report back every week. Accountability is key. It may not always be my weight, though. I lift weights, so my actual weight "loss" may not continue to drop off so dramatically as this. However, I will show pants-sizes-lost. :D

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