Tuesday, May 10, 2011

...and that's why you always stick to the plan!

If you've ever seen "Arrested Development," one of the best comedies ever written/produced/acted in/created, then you're familiar with George Sr. & his "lessons:"

Yes, you always leave a note. And likewise, you always stick to the plan!

I spent Saturday walking around Venice w/Mr. X. It was a beautiful day. I decided to declare Venice a "diet free zone." That meant I was able to indulge more than I had been for about 2 weeks. So we spent the day munching on spongy cakes with cream filling, canoli, pasta, pizza, fresh strawberries, a small amount of chocolate from our favorite Cioccolateria, and a cappucino.

Dinner after Venice? Well, we were too tired to cook, so I extended the "diet free zone" to the entire day. We went out for sushi & gelato (Italian ice cream, for those who don't know).

Honestly, it was a lovely day. I really enjoyed getting out of the house for the first time in quite awhile. We've been focused on our gardening, so it was nice to do something else. That was my Saturday!

Sunday should've been "run day." I was all set to have my first 20 mile week since October 2010. But I had what I'm calling a Venice Hangover. My allergies flared up badly, my legs felt tight from all the walking around, & I felt like my middle was the size of balloon from food-bloat. I was generally miserable.

Monday should've been "make up run day." But I was still messed up from Saturday. Yes, my Venice Hangover lasted 2 days. I think all hangovers last 2 days when you're in your 30s.

This is my Tuesday:

Yes, that's 3 extra pounds you're seeing there. From one day of "diet free zone." Granted, women fluctuate in weight. I know that. But seriously, that's 3 EXTRA POUNDS from one day of badness. Serious badness. If I'd have stuck with the pizza/pasta for lunch, I'd have been okay. But I forgot the mantra I picked up from Motivation to Move: Be gooder than badder. Instead of sticking with my lunch & making gooder than badder choices for everything else, I chose badder choices the entire day.

...and that's why you always stick to the plan!

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