Friday, October 28, 2011

Race Recap Part 2: The Aftermath

Seems like I told the whole story of the 2011 Venice Marathon in my previous post, doesn't it? Well, this is the story of The Aftermath.

What a total crap day!
The Aftermath of the Venice Marathon has been rough on me. I finally relaxed enough to go to bed & woke up at 0300 screaming in pain. I'd tried to move in my sleep & it felt like my leg separated at the knee. I made the executive decision to get to work on crutches... yes, I own crutches (ankles hate me). I gimped off to work, proudly wearing my race gear... because Hey! I ran 16.45 miles of a marathon, right? When I got to work, I had to rehash what had happened to me... & it was hard to not be emotional about it because I was still very upset about the entire ordeal & my DNF.

I saw the doctor first thing in the morning. I had to tell the story over & over again, which got a bit annoying after awhile.
The first thing we both observed was the color of my feet. Having 2 different colored feet is usually a cause for alarm.
Gots me some sausage toes...& desperately need a pedicure!
The crazy thing is that I didn't even know I was that badd off until I had to strip down for the exam. In an educating experience, I finally learned what swelling really looks/feels like. Because I definitely had some! I was informed I could have a Meniscus Tear. Doc shippped me off to Xray, ortho (for a new knee brace with more support), & the pharmacy to get a prescription to take the edge off the pain. The drug was the funniest thing of all that day:
I can barely walk & this may cause dizziness????
And that's been my week. Gimping around with a huge, itchy brace & one crutch to stabilize my weight for my other leg. Next week, I'll have a follow up & request an MRI & physical therapy.

Where does that leave me? I'm not sure, but I'm trying desperately to stay positive. Been exchanging tweets with other injured athletes, trying to gain perspective & inspiration.

I spoke with my trainer about a modified program to keep my strength & build my core/back without using my legs. As soon as I'm cleared, I plan to start swimming to retain my aerobic capacity. And I'm already planning an amazing comeback for the Paris Marathon, April 15, 2011.

And I can't forget ski season!

There are folks who would advise me to not plan anything until I know for sure how bad my knee is... but my brain just can't operate that way. I'm a goal-driven adult, so I need something to strive for. Plus, wallowing in shame/guilt/self-pity gets old pretty fast. Done with tears, done with the sad. Now it's all about getting my knee healthy, adjusting my diet to meet my lack-of-movement, & getting back out there. That's what I'm learning in The Aftermath.

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