Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sub-10. Holy Crapballs.

Race strategy. I've read about it. I know it's important to set a goal to accomplish in a race... but what do you do when you're only goal is to finish the race inside the maximum time allowed? After a conversation with my trainer about expectations versus reality, she convinced me I could manage a sub-10 min mile pace run. Not a specific pace, but the goal would be to keep my pace sub-10. I didn't agree I could manage it, but decided to try it out.

I was at home on my treadmill, which made it a bit of challenge to not quit when I got tired.

At 2 miles, I said I only had to make it to 4 miles to be happy.

When I hit 2.5 miles, I told myself I was halfway done.

At 3 miles, I was focused on hitting 4 miles.

Then, when I finally hit the 4 mile mark, I told myself I had enough gas in the engine to make the full 5 miles.

I did it!
 Of course, then I had to deal with the aftermath. I jumped into a super hot shower; yes, I prefer heat to cold. Somehow, my muscles react better to heat. I had breakfast-for-dinner, sat with a heating pad on my  calves, & headed to bed. When I was jumping into PJs, I realized I had my Zensah compression calf sleeves ready to go, so I decided to wear them to bed. I've never done this before... & I wonder where it's been all my life. I woke up with legs that were definitely tired, but not painful. It was fantastic.

Last week was hellish week for my legs. I had hobble-worthy calf pain & I had no idea where it was coming from (possibly my cycle, ladies?). And this week, while still feeling residual issues, I'm doing my best to ignore it. I'm also doing base runs outside with a friend (my old running partner who is getting in shape for the Army Reserves), so there's some inspiration/motivation from that corner. I've discovered sleeping in compression actually helps my legs. This week is a vast improvement over last week. And I'm glad.

And honestly, I'm truly amazed I just did a pace run at sub-10. Officially a first for me. :D


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    1. Thanks so much! It was a tough one, but I got it done. I am very proud of this one. :D