Sunday, May 13, 2012

One Week Later...

It's been a week since the Gardaland Half Marathon. What can I say? My stupid foot still hurts. I tried to run for the first time on Thursday; I couldn't even last one mile. I gave up & hit the cycle in the gym... but I hate that. In the way that people hate treadmills, I hate the cycle. I'd rather just be on my real bike. So I've decided to make the commitment to actually ride my bike to work while I continue to heal.

What else have I been doing in the meantime?

Since I burned out my iPod Shuffle during the 1/2, I bought myself a new iPod Nano. Bright orange so maybe I won't lose it.

It wasn't really a treat, though. Really, it's just a tool. I wanted to reward myself in some way, but I wasn't really sure what to get. I don't view buying new running tools as a reward for running.  Also, I didn't want to reward myself with food (because it's a bad habit & I've been eating crappy anyway). So instead of those options, I bought these:
I <3 Chucky Ts!
I've been rocking Nerd Fashion ever since. I'm not entirely convinced it's the best thing for my healing foot, but I love them anyway. What's better than Chucky Ts & a business suit? NOTHING!

On Friday, a weird thing happened. An opportunity fell in my lap to get another dog. We've already got 2 dogs, but I've been wanting a dog to train as a running partner (at maturity). Awhile back, I had the opportunity to get a puppy from a litter of someone on post, but I decided it was the wrong time for a puppy. Now, approx. 4 months later, one of those same puppies needs a new home. After an extended discussion with Mr. X, I'd like to introduce Penny!

Puppy figures out water fountain? I'm in love!
She's going to take some work. Her current owners freely admit they can't handle a puppy & have no idea what they're doing. It's the all-too-common problem of "I want the cute puppy but I don't know how to train it" thing. We're a dog family, so I know we can handle her & give her a good home. Additionally, there's the benefit of finally having a dog that will make a running partner when she comes into maturity. We'll pick her up on Thursday evening.  Our next month is really about getting her properly housebroken & trained to fit into our house.

The next big decision I have to make is my fall marathon. I'm not sure which one I want to run. There's a local run in Verona that's very inexpensive & requires no traveling. I think that'll end up being the one... but I'm not even sure I want to run a full length marathon anymore. I've got some decisions to make, to be sure. But for right now, I'm focused on Penny!

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