Friday, August 3, 2012

I made a boo boo...

...& misread my training journal. This is boo boo #1. Good news, friends!

Somehow, my eyes skipped down my training schedule. This means I've a week ahead of where I'm "supposed" to be according to the training schedule. This is awesome news; I get a "do-over" of my last LSD. It's a chance to redeem myself.

Is redemption possible? Hells-to-the-yeah it is! This week, I've been eating a modified meal plan that introduced a few more healthy/whole-foody carbs to my diet. And in about 5 days, 2 lbs. have fallen off my scale. And I can feel it. I feel lighter. I feel better. I feel stronger. I didn't even realize in just how bad a shape I was in calorically until my trainer looked at my food diary & decided to make small changes. This is boo boo #2. I had a fantastic treadmill run Thursday after work. I'm sure it's because of this new food plan.

Now it's time to take my run outside & see how I do. The most important thing I will do tomorrow is wake up at the right time to get out there & log miles. If I can manage that, I have a feeling this is going to be one awesome run. :D

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