Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Retraining is Hard.

I can't lie...retraining is hard.

Let me explain:

When I graduated from Couch-to-5k to longer distances, I adopted the 10/1 method of running. I'd run for 10 minutes, then walk for a minute of recovery. This cycle worked for me. It worked well for me. I even got others who were struggling in long distances to adopt the method & they saw similar successes.

Then I had my 1/2 marathon PR.

When I realized I could've hit 2 hours (instead of 2:14:55) if I had not taken all those walk breaks, I decided it was time to train myself off of the walks breaks. I worked with my trainer to develop a responsible program...a plan that wouldn't stress me out & would ease me into running full out.

And it's been tough. It feels like I've never run before in my life. To complicate the matter, it's been too hot to run outside, so I've been logging miles on the treadmill...which is okay, but NOT the same thing as road running.

That's where I'm at. Just trying to learn how to run again so I can hit a 2 hour half marathon. :)

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  1. Patience is key! I get easily frustrated if I don't see immediate results. Keep plugging way, eventually it'll get easier (it has to, right?!) cheers, c