Thursday, February 24, 2011

There's Always Next Year...

For those who don't know, Mr. X (my spouse) is in the U.S. military. As such, our schedules usually have to remain flexible. It can be difficult to plan-in-advance because his schedule can change rapidly.

He moved to a new position this week. Unfortunately, this new position won't allow him the time off to go to Edinburgh for the marathon. What does that mean? We're not going. Am I sad? Yes, I am. Am I disappointed? No. I've had reservations since my legs got all messed up & put me off my training. I confess I feel a sense of relief. I was losing confidence I could be ready in time.

I'm still going to run a marathon. I'm looking at our options now. There's a few I can participate in that are more convenient than having to fly to a different country. The Venice Marathon is 23 Oct 11 & the Florence Marathon is 27 Nov 11. There are also a few halfs & 10ks in between. And I feel so much better about this. I am 100% confident I can complete a marathon. However, I'm also 100% confident that training has to be completed in an intelligent & responsible fashion to avoid injury & failure. I don't believe 12 weeks would be enough for me to "be there" considering all the foot/leg issues I've had this month.

Actually, the only thing I'm really thinking about is the money we spent to register. I'm not sure if we can get that back; if not, I'm going to transfer it to next year (if they'll allow me)... because there's always next year.

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  1. I love your confidence and your mindset. I hope you can get the money back or transfer it.

    I'm proud of you and look to hear more about your training. It's really inspiring me.