Thursday, April 28, 2011

True Confession: Food

Hello, gentle readers! I'd like to take this moment of your lives to tell you something: I don't particularly care about food.


Nope. I just don't care. I'm not someone who has to eat a savory meal every time I sit at the table. Now, that's not to say I don't like a tasty yummy meal that is hugely bad for me; I get cravings just like everyone else. But on the whole, as long as the food isn't rotten & something I can stand to eat, I'll eat it. I can down a bland piece of chicken with no spices (an extreme example) & a grilled veggie every single night of the week.

To answer the question: Yes, of course that's boring. I know that. But I just don't care enough about food to make things taste better. And like many other people, I usually don't have the time, either. So a grilled piece of meat (w/spices, btw) & veg is good enough for me.

To answer the next question: No, it's not a problem per se. But also like many other people, my ability to eat bland, repetitive food is not necessarily a good thing. I am human; invariably, even I will get bored with the same thing over & over again. That's what leads me to eating an entire pint of Coffee Heath Bar Crunch from Ben & Jerry's.

I'm trying to break this vicious cycle. I've had 2 very successful days of proper diet. I know the next 2 days will also be okay. My biggest concern is the weekend; I need to make it thru the weekend without blowing my proper diet... because it's the weekend that drives me to eat an entire bag of potato chips.

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  1. Food and I have a love hate relationship. Food comforts me. I'm one of those that food makes me feel good. But I'm very aware that my body has a super slow metabolism compared to other people (it's a medical thing) so I can't get too into food like I would normally do.

    Since I know how it is, I've been trying to train my mind that food is just needed to sustain my body, it doesn't need to have all the fat and calories that make my endorphins go crazy.

    I usually search the internet for simple healthy meals. It works sometimes hehe