Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tweaky Ankle = No Running

Last Wednesday, I logged another [approx] 5 miles. The problem was, I couldn't get my Garmin 405 to work. The fault was entirely my own; I forgot to hit "start." Pretty silly, right?

In the process of wrestling my Garmin, I stopped paying attention to where my feet were landing. I ended up stepping on very uneven pavement & managed to roll my right ankle. It didn't feel like anything at the time, but it definitely felt like something the next day. I decided to err on the side of caution & take some days off.

I didn't entirely rest, though. I ended up doing a lot of work around the house to keep me moving. Lawn mowing, gardening, & laundry filled my weekend. Right up until Sunday, when I was outside from 0900-1400. With no sunscreen.


Exactly what you think happened happened. Wicked sunburn, totally nauseated, didn't even want to eat. I'm on the mend now (from ankle & sunburn) & will be back to pounding pavement on Wednesday. Woot!

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