Monday, April 18, 2011

Using my VFFs!

It has been a long time since I've been able to wear my VFFs for anything. It's been rough because I really enjoy them, but they're very uncomfortable if you've got Morton's Neuroma. So here I am, totally invested in this type of footwear & totally unable to wear them.

Until this past Saturday.

Mr. X & I have a yard, an unusual thing to have in Italy. It was a blank canvas upon which we painted NOTHING. It was just grass & a patio being eaten away by weeds. We've always wanted a beautiful yard to relax in & have BBQs... one of those ones that looks gorgeous but doesn't completely monopolize our weekends. We just never had a yard worth putting that kind of effort into; this is the first location we've had the space to do anything in. So we spent all of Saturday putting color onto our blank canvas.

While it was supposed to be a day of rest, I worked hard. I had no idea just how strenous gardening can be! A lot of lifting, bending, digging, carrying, & walking (when I realized I didn't have enough supplies & had to go out for more dirt & planters). I couldn't figure out what footwear to wear; I don't have designated gardening shoes. Then I realized: my VFFs would be perfect! And it was great. Got to feel the cool grass as I was walking around in it. It was a great way to use footwear that I can no longer wear for fitness purposes.

It was a great "rest" day, though I didn't get much rest. Now we've got that beautiful back yard we've always wanted. And I had a great time gardening! I'm already thinking about what we can add to make it even nicer. I think I've got a new hobby!

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