Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Meeting a Goal

Last week was my "hell week" at work. I was running a conference, so I spent the majority of the week running around doing work-type stuff. I tried to get up at 0430 for T-Mill Burns, but I just couldn't pull myself out of bed. As such, there was only one run this week!

Decidedly NOT Awesome, but as expected.

This was no less than I'd expected. I knew the week was going to be rough, so I decided to focus on maintenance & diet. I knew that if I veered off the eating plan, that would be more damaging than not being able to exercise. I did very well; I didn't even eat the fabulous cake everyone was talking about at the close of the conference! I packed my own snacks so I didn't nibble on conference food, & during the evening dinners, I ordered off the menu or ate smaller portions of the things I know I shouldn't necessary have at dinner (i.e. carbs, a tough thing to avoid at dinners in Italy).

I'd planned on a nice run on Sunday, but Mr. X. & I goofed off. I think I was still in conference-recovery-mode, so we went to the local Sunday Market & walked around. Then we visited our local Garden center, wherein I spent even more money on flowers. So Sunday afternoon became about sun worship; I was outside planting & trimming & maintaining my garden.

Now it's Tuesday. The day of truth for me. It's "Weigh Day." End result?

Still gots some nice toes!
I did it! I maintained, which means I met my goal for the week. It's good to have realistic goals you can actually achieve... because when you meet those goals, it's a boost to your confidence. I didn't expect too much of myself during a week I knew I couldn't control. By setting a realistic goal, I feel way more successful than if I would've tried to stick to my regular plan of running/weight training & the meal plan. 

Now it's back on the wagon for this week. I already had one good run on Monday, so I started the week off the right way. In other news, it's the Victoria's Secret Semi Annual Sale right now! There are a few bona fide bikinis I'd like to buy... that'll definitely keep me on track this week!

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