Monday, June 20, 2011

Breakdown: Week 2 flushed down the loo!

*as time goes on, it's going to get harder & harder to make the breakdowns rhyme*

I made it through Week 2! Here's the Breakdown...

Monday: Right to it, then! Got up at 0530 & was out the door by 0545 for my first run of the week. I'd skipped my Sunday run, so starting the week off right was important to me. Average pace of 11:24, so it was a very good morning for me. 

Tuesday: My typical Tuesday evening with my trainer for a leg weight session... except I think she was trying to break me. By the end of our hour session, I actually said to her, "I think I'm going to cry." And I wasn't joking. I'm not even sure how I made it home; the drive is fuzzy in my recollection. It was hard core.

Wednesday: Following that hard core evening was another early morning run. I was holding back, mostly because I was running on "lead legs." Average pace was 12:11, but I was proud just have made it to the end.

Thursday: Rest day, hurray! I struggle with rest days because I get bored. I was very glad for this one. I had a work dinner in the evening & it turned into a very late night.

Friday: My late night meant I decided to stay home from work. So my run started after 0800. This was bad. I was still exhausted & it was getting hot. I couldn't eek out 4.5 miles, so I called it at 4 miles. Funny enough, I was running an average pace of 12:08, so it wasn't as bad as it seemed during the run. My Garmin wasn't making a good satellite connection, though, so I hope it's accurate. In the afternoon, I caved & mowed the lawn, so I ended up with the extra 0.5 miles (big yard) I didn't get in the morning. In the evening, I stuffed my face with sushi & felt great.

Saturday: A makeup session with my trainer for arms/back weights. I made the mistake of going to the gym after getting a hair cut. It made me itchy. But I got the workout in, which I'm super happy with.

Sunday: My first actual long run... & I almost slept thru it! Alarm went off at 0530, but my body did not want to get out of bed. So I went back to sleep & got up at 0700, shoved a Kashi Cereal Bar down my my throat & headed out the door. For 6 miles. Holy crap. Reverted to 10/1 intervals (10 minute run/1 minute walk) to make sure I could sustain the 6 miles. Not surprisingly, the last 2 miles were a serious challenge.

I was holding steady until the 11th interval; that's when I started to struggle. But I pulled it together to finish it out. Spent the rest of my Sunday sleeping it off, eating more than I probably should have, & recording a new episode of KindleWomen.

Week 2 flushed down the loo.. onto Week 3!

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