Thursday, August 4, 2011

My new Running Mantra

I read a lot of books. Granted, I have a podcast devoted to (e)book reviews, but I've always enjoyed reading. Lately, I've been getting thru "rest days" from exercise by reading about running. I know that sounds a bit like overkill, but it helps me pass the time while holding onto the feeling that I'm still doing something active.

All the marathon-training-focused books I've read mention the importance of having a mantra. Check the running web sites; they're in on the mantra thing, too. It's a strange thing to me. I'm not really into the so-called self-help movement, though I understand the power of motivation & motivational speakers. So I've tried this out & the only mantra I've ever said to myself while running is "Your body is a machine."

However, I think this would be more effective....

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