Thursday, September 29, 2011

When *It* Hits the Fan...

You simply never know when an emergency is going to rear its ugly head. And that's what Mr. X & I have been dealing with since last Wednesday with Monty... aka Big Dog.

Last night, we returned to the vet's office, this time for an ultrasound. The prognosis is "okay," which is to say that treatment will help him. He can never be cured, per se, like in humans. After a very personal discussion in front of our doggie oncologist & vet tech, we opted for a cycle of chemotherapy. This means 6 weeks of recurring appointments & meds for Big Dog. It's a decision we can live with morally/ethically while not totally bankrupting us. 

So where does that leave me health/running wise? I've been able to maintain my weight of 149-150 lbs (depending on how much water I've managed to consume) even while eating like total crap. Honestly, we've got 6 pizza boxes in our fireplace waiting to be burned... food hasn't been a real concern for the past week. I've cancelled all my personal trainer sessions for the month of October because the majority of my evenings are going to be given over to Big Dog's appointments.

This all sounds uber-depressing, but it's actually not. In my head, I'm already tinkering around with a schedule that will allow me to keep logging miles, do weight training with dumbbells at home, & complete the marathon I've worked towards all summer. The Venice Marathon has a course maximum of 6 hours; I think I can make it. Sure, I wanted to finish in under 5 hours as my original plan. But right now, the focus has to be on getting to the finish line. I've got a lot on my plate for the next month, so a healthy goal readjustment is not a bad thing.

That's where I'm at right now. Now that we've got a medical plan for Big Dog, I can mentally focus on myself & getting to the next target. Those 2 targets are: completing the marathon on 23 October & getting the scale to 143 lbs. With the decision of doggie meds behind me, I know I can move forward.

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  1. That's what you do. When stuff happens you don't whine and complain, you get up off your butt and do things!

    You are an inspiration and keep doing what you are doing. I hope Big Dog will feel better soon and I'm glad you are still able to focus on yourself. Yay!