Sunday, October 9, 2011

Breakdown: Week 18 & no running

Yes, you read that right. No running. There's some sort of virus going around the community, which I caught last Friday. I spent the majority of the week at home, on the couch, in pajamas. I only went to work for about 10 hours the entire week. So, no running. 

The question becomes now: can I whip my body into shape in just 2 weeks? I've got friends telling me I absolutely can do it, but I'm having an internal panic attack about Venice.

It's been 8 days of just laying about & feeling crappy. I'm feeling much better today, though I've chosen to continue my rest today. The current plan is to hit the road tomorrow for a run. I'm thinking about 8 miles, even though that might not be the wisest thing since I've been off the road for so long. But I just want to get out there, feel strong, & enjoy my sport.

For now, I'm watching online coverage of the Chicago Marathon 2011. I'm getting revved up! :D

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