Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pics you haven't seen

Apologies to MarathonFoto. Yes, I "borrowed" these photos. I have no intention of buying anything from the epic failure that was my first marathon attempt.

The official marathon photos are finally up for viewing. I really wanted to see these photos. And having seen them, I think the photos tell a nice story... which I'm going to share with you right now.

Before the race, this was me. Super happy & freezing my tail/knees off. A previous coworker was also running the race, but I cut him out of the photo. That's his shoulder.

Ready to go... Gu'd to the hilt!
Being that cold, all I wanted to do was run. So here I am, actually running.

Yeah, I waved. So what?

Actually doing some running

At the 25k mark, the pictures are very revealing:

Biting my lips...not good

About to run to Volunteer for help

About 1k later, I ran to the volunteer for help.

Why share these photos? Because they make me feel better about the DNF. I'm over it now... I logged my first mile since the marathon last night (10:23 pace, WTF?), so I'm getting back on track. But I like looking at these photos; it helps me to know I made the right choice when I asked for help. It helps to know I didn't cave... I was seriously hurt. I've got proof! :D

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