Sunday, January 15, 2012

Skiing Saturday!

When in doubt, get on a bus trip to drive you to the ski areas with snow!

While the Italian Alps are known for being a fabulous ski region, we haven't had any snow within driving distance. So I decided to get on a ski trip, sponsored by our "Outdoor Recreation" shop on post, to get to some snow. It's a great way find new places to ski & not have to spend my own money on gasoline (super expensive in Italy). And since I own my own gear, it's just the price of the bus trip & my lift ticket.

On Saturday, I woke up at 0400, walked the dogs, & got myself ready for the trip to Kronplatz. First off, it's a 3-hour drive by bus. And since I'd just woken up, I couldn't really get back to sleep. All I had for breakfast was a Clif Builder bar (chocolate mint, yum!) & a 16 oz coffee. We rolled up to the lifts at about 0830. Then it was an entire morning/afternoon of skiing!

Look at my awesome tracks!
Haz a happy

What did I learn on this ski trip? 

First, Kronplatz is my new favorite ski area. Huge, wide open runs to make a newbie feel comfortable, a little bit of challenge in the blue without being extreme, & fun little lodges for hot chocolate. And I didn't fall down at all during the day, which also helps make it my new favorite.

Second, next time I'm taking my Camelbak. I only consumed 1.5L of water during the day... & yes, I kept count. Even at 26-29 degrees, I sweat a lot while I'm skiing. If I'd been smart (or not crazy tired), I'd have consumed some Gatorade when I got home. But I fell asleep on the couch instead. So next time, it's Camelbak on the slopes. Because without hydration, I feel like I spent the entire previous day intoxicated instead of on the slopes. 

Thirdly, skiing is excellent cross training. I already knew this, but as I work on proper skiing form, I feel the work in different leg muscles. As I've previously written, I've been struggling with "finding the fun" in fitness activities. Skiing perks me up, works my body, & motivates me. I just wish I could do it every single day. 

Now it's back to the regular routine... at least until the end of the month! Hoping to drag Mr. X to Kronplatz later this month.

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