Friday, January 13, 2012


I started off the week in a positive way. I stuck to "clean eating" on Monday & Tuesday, mounted my t-mill Monday after work, & hit the gym with my trainer for more jumping on Tuesday.

So why did I fall apart on Wednesday?

I could blame it on bad sleep. I could blame it on circumstances, like my propensity for always binge eating on the first day of any separation from my husband. But the truth? I just didn't feel like it. I'm super tired of my stupid IT band always acting up & annoying me. I'm tired of the same old thing I do all the time. I'm tired of always eating the same stupid foods. Feeling uber-negative with no control over stopping my negativity, which can/does happen to everyone at some point. The problem/challenge of being a self-motivated person is that when we get negative/depressed, people tend not to notice & don't help us get out of the doldrums (at least in my experience).

Then Today happened. It was getting near lunch time & I had my "clean" lunch, but I was getting myself to a place mentally for eating out... yes, eating crap even though I brought all my food for the day.

In a seemingly unrelated story, I was also bored & surfing the interwebs... & I finally spent some time on Pinterest.

Here's the deal with me & Pinterest: I've had absolutely zero interest in Pinterest. All my friends go on & on about how they found "this recipe" or "this outfit idea" on Pinterest. Let me be clear: I could give a crap. I participate in enough social media to make my head explode & I don't need to add another web site to feel obligated to log in, pin stuff, communicate, have the best board, etc. And I've voiced this opinion very loud & very proud.

Today was the ultimate in boredom. That's the only reason I ended up surfing Pinterest. And in the process of surfing, I found this: 
WOW! For some reason, this really rocked my socks. I ate my clean lunch, then headed out for a 30 minute walk around post. And you know what happened? My stupid IT band stopped bothering me so much, I was in a better mood, & I finally felt warm after being chilly all morning. I topped it off with my last cup of coffee for the day & felt great about it.

It turns out all I needed was a little bit of Pinspiration.


  1. Being "up" even most days is a tough one, and I can certainly relate to being sick of the pain that a "wonky" IT Band can cause (both in and of itself, and all the side issues it can spawn).

    I too tend to find (re-find sometimes) my inspiration through other running blogs, sometimes Twitter feeds, and other random just never knows.

    Here's to hoping today is one of the best for you !!!

    1. Thanks so much! First of all, it's awesome to see comments on my little blog!

      Being "up" seems to be my problem lately. I want to "find the fun" in fitness & it's started to feel more like a job than something I do for myself & stress relief. This little bit of "up" was incredibly helpful.

      And WTF is up with the IT band? Does that ever heal? I never had any issues until 11 miles into my first ever marathon attempt. I did all the training w/no issues & it was a seriously crap time to have my IT band get stupid... & it's been happening ever since. I'm sure it feeds right into my lack up "feeling up" since I end up in discomfort, but I'm really growing to HATE my IT band!