Saturday, January 7, 2012

Trusty Treadmill Happy

Friends, I've been struggling with running. When I first started running 2.5 years ago, I started by doing the C25k program... all on my trusty treadmill. I had no problems waking up at 0430 & jumping on the treadmill. As I added more & more miles & the weather changed to spring & summer, I discovered the joy/fun of pounding pavement. 

My poor trusty treadmill began to collect dust in my basement. 
And now? It's 25-30 degrees at 0430, dark as hell, & 100% creepy/spooky outside, typically with increasing fogginess. All those add up to miserable running conditions; I'm a total wimp. And my trusty treadmill? Still collecting dust in my basement.

So in the grand effort of my 2012 fresh start, Mr. X & I "redesigned" my little t-mill area. It's a shared space; his man-room is on the other side of that fabulous Ikea shelving unit. I even left a little area open for my laptop so I can watch DVDs without my glasses while I'm running... though I can't hear them (something I didn't account for in the design, so now I need speakers). Surrounded by some flowers, remnants of my sorority life (ΣΣΣ FTW), weights, yoga mat, & my awesome skis in the polka dot bag, it's a much happier little running area for me. 

This week, it's back to waking up at 0430 to log some miles. The first week is the hardest week, but I'll get it done. Until spring/summer, when the pattern will repeat itself. :D

Treadmill, Skis, Golf clubs, weights... I look more hardcore than I actually am...


  1. Since school started in September, I too have been hitting either the gym, my elliptical (oh how I wish we still had the treadmill), or most commonly the streets around 4:30 (or close to that) most days. I have to be back and showered by 6:00 a.m., so I can roust the boy, get him fed and dressed, then to school by 7:10. You DO get used to it, but it did take me a month or so myself.

    Good luck with your winter transition. You "might" want to look into some ear-plugs with a longish cord (or the bluetooth ones if you laptop supports it)...with the speakers you'll need it up pretty loud to be able to hear it well.

    Let us know how it goes. :-)

    1. I know it doesn't sound like it, but I'm actually a morning person. Getting up at 0430 isn't really too big a deal for me... I just haven't felt "the thing" that makes me want to get up & do anything. For example, I popped out of bed at 0400 on Saturday for a day-long ski trip. No problem because it's super fun. I think I just need to push through & start doing it again (like I did when I started running in the very beginning).