Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fresh Starts

I can't honestly say I'm the biggest fan of New Year's "festivities." For quite a few years, we've done nothing to celebrate in a big way... it's just not for us. However, I'm not a hater; there is something I like about it all... the idea of a new year is the chance at a fresh start. 

Everyone deserves the chance at a fresh start. Sometimes we need a new job or career change, maybe we need to reassess our life choices (starting a family, ending a relationship), or maybe it's the traditional statement "This is the year I stick to the diet." With a new year comes the opportunity to wipe the slate clean & start over. 

I'm addicted to starting over. I constantly clean out my closet, delete files from my hard drive, & start reading new books (99.9% of which I finish, by the way). I always want to buy new furniture in order to reinvent my living room (but I never do it). I go thru iPhone & Kindle cases like crazy, just for the change of pace. A whole new year is like crack for me; I brainstorm a butt-ton of things I'd like to accomplish, even if I get unrealistic about it. 

For 2012, the list is as follows:
  • Finally consolidate my student loans
  • Kiss goodbye to the very last of the credit cards
  • Get my car repainted & detailed
  • Put away my laundry when it's clean (left over from 2011)
  • This is the year I'll get down to 140lbs or a size 6, whichever is more reasonable for me (I honestly don't know)
  • Finish a half marathon
  • Finish a marathon (left over from 2011)
Fairly reasonable, right? I think so. 2012 won't be without its challenges (military lifestyle=challenges 24/7/365), but I'll muddle through. And it starts now. :D

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