Monday, December 26, 2011

Sometimes you need a break... I took one! It's been about a month since my last post. Since then, I gave up on the Runner's World Inaugural Holiday Running Streak, got clearance from my physical therapist to start running again, worked on stretching out my pernicious IT Band, found a running buddy, & went skiing for a week in Austria (my real winter love...).

Let's talk about the skiing, shall we?

First thing you have to do on a long trip is pack the car. Unless you decide to get your nails done & leave all the packing to your husband.
Love the Murano: fits everything AND has comfort!
Then you have to get to the hotel. In this case, a fine hotel choice is Familienhotel Loipenstub'n in Brixen im Thale, Austria. As part of SkiWelt, it is a great location to start at if you're interested in quiet evenings... & they allow dogs at breakfast!
Hotel Glamour Shot
Once you're at your ski destination, you actually have to ski. Even if there's ice. Even if your husband gets lost somewhere in between the 91 lifts of SkiWelt. And even if you've had a few lovely Kaiser beers.
Girlie fashions on the slopes. Always gotta rock it girlie-style.

Horrid ski form, but having fun!

Getting closer to "the lean" whilst working on skiing form.
When on the ski lift or in front of restaurants & Ski Schools, it's important to take ridiculous photos while trying to hang onto your camera & freezing your butt off.
Mr. X prefers ninja skiing, I guess.
Sometimes while skiing, you get hungry. So you have to go to dinner. And you're so tired from a day on the slopes, you end up wearing a ridiculous outfit that focuses on comfort & warmth instead of fashion (or even matching).
The scarf is a bit of Doctor Who overkill, I think.
And finally, when you've got your dogs with you on a ski trip, it's important they get to play in the snow, too.
He can fly!

Big Dog loves the snow. Little Dog, not so much.
So, my friends, that's how you take a month off of blogging. By enjoying yourself, doing some skiing, letting dogs frolic in snow, & wearing ridiculous clothes to dinner.

And now we return to our regularly-scheduled program. Of running. Big 2012 plans. That's what's next. :D

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  1. Although I am an avowed non-skier, it sounds like you had a wonderful vacation! I'm all for any vacation where you can take the dogs! (We love the Cape Ann Motor Inn in Massachusetts for this very reason.)