Saturday, November 26, 2011

Night Running

Day #2 of the Runner's World Inaugural Holiday Running Streak. I was able to leave work a bit early, so I made it home in time to run outside. I geared up in my cold weather stuff, but I was much smarter this time; I left the beanie hat & gloves at home to avoid overheating. Sadly, my tights were in the laundry. I wore some old Army PT pants Mr. X bought me when I first started running. They don't fit properly, so I wouldn't say they're the most comfortable pants to run in. The crotch area is way too droopy to be comfy. I kind of look ridiculous.

Look into the light!
Almost as an afterthought, I grabbed my Petzl Tikka XP2 headlamp. I've never been a fan of running in the dark, but I think I have a new found affection for night running. It was a lot of fun to be out & pounding pavement... & I'm glad I took the headlamp with me. It was a bit dark in some areas & the strength of the light kept me from falling off curbs or into ditches. It was about €50, which is about $65, give or take a few dollars each way. The light even has a "flashing" setting, so it can strobe light to let people know where you are. I wore it over my regular running cap, so I didn't feel it bounce around or shift at all. And it's purple/white, so it's a bit more feminine looking than many of the others I found. And since I was cheap about it, I thought the price was okay.

Even though the RW Running Holiday Running Streak only obligates me for one mile a day, I ended up running 2.24 miles... just to see if I could do it. And I did it! Now that it's the next day, my knee feels a bit wonky. I can't lie about that. But I'm planning some yoga a little bit later to stretch everything out. I'm hoping that'll help the wonkiness. But night running: I think I like it! 

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