Friday, November 25, 2011

Pulling it back together. I swear.

Finally got to see a physical therapist about the knee problem. PT doesn't think it's my knee; he thinks my hip flexors aren't strong enough. So after providing me with a few special resistance bands & exercises, I'm cleared to run... so long as I take it easy & don't go extreme. 
None of this anytime soon...

Essentially, I'm going to spend the next few weeks rebuilding my base. Probably on my t-mill, just because it's cold & I don't like running in the cold. I was recently inspired by Dorothy Beal over at Mile Posts; she described her t-mill area & how awesome it is... & it got me thinking about how sad my little area of our basement is set up. So while I'm at work, Mr. X is cleaning up his part of the basement so I can move the t-mill & make it a happier place to be. We're also going to set up a mini-gym so we can both cross-train (P90X or yoga, perhaps?). The plan is to grow the area slowly & with as little expense as possible. It's definitely a plan.

In the meantime, have you heard about the Runner's World Inaugural Holiday RunStreak? The idea is to run at least one mile, starting on Thanksgiving & ending on New Years' Day. It's the perfect thing to help me pull myself together & get back to running & fitness. In that spirit, I ran my first mile in two weeks a solid hour before Thanksgiving dinner. I only had time for one mile, but I think this is an excellent way to help me rebuild strength in the wrecked leg. If you're on Twitter, follow hashtag #RWRunStreak. I'll be there.

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