Monday, February 20, 2012

Worst. Ski Trip. Ever.

You all know I love skiing. So for the long President's Day weekend, I made arrangements for Mr. X, the dogs, & I to travel to Garmisch, Germany. 3 full days of skiing. I found a hotel that takes dogs & had breakfast/wifi included in the price. I took half a day from work so we could leave early.

Then all hell broke loose.

Mr. X didn't get off work until 4:30 PM. We didn't get on the road until about 5-5:30 PM.  It was late, but we were okay because we'd still arrive in time to get a full night of sleep. Right up until we got to the Austria/Germany border. There's a little road, E533, that cuts directly to Garmisch. And it was wiped out due to avalanches.

What. The. Hell.

So Mr. X figured out a way for us to navigate around the problem. Finally, all his Army training comes in handy.

When we finally got to Garmisch (about 11 PM), we set about trying to find our hotel. Which, according to Expedia, was in Garmisch. But it's not. It's 40k AWAY!!!! WTF? When we couldn't find the hotel, we called directly. The woman was shocked we were looking in Garmisch when the hotel wasn't anywhere near there. Then she asked if we had a GPS... which made me totally angry; a GPS is only as good as the address you put into it! And stupid Expedia has the wrong address for that hotel.

So at 11:30 PM, I was fed up enough to "call it." We had to hunt in Garmisch for a hotel that would let us bring our dogs in. It was about midnight when we got REALLY lucky & found one. It wasn't the nicest, but it was a place to sleep for the night. We lugged only our most essential gear to the hotel room & collapsed. It was a long drive.

Friday, we got our heads together & got to the mountain for skiing... way later than we normally would've got to the slopes (because we slept in & tried to get over our trauma). The powder was nice, but really loose. That meant lots of moguls to try & ski through, which is tiring on the legs. I ended up skiing some blacks...which shouldn't have been blacks but made me feel good about myself. Then I ended up taking a serious fall that wrenched my left ankle & calf pretty badly. But it was still nice.

Beautiful scenery
 We had to check out of the hotel Saturday, so our weekend was definitely cut short. And you'd think that was bad enough, but our 4 hour drive took about 7 hours because of traffic... all thanks to avalanches in the Alps. We were miserable when we got home. We got pizzas from our favorite local place & called it a night.

On Sunday, we had to figure out what to do since our lovely ski plans blew up. We ended up heading into Vicenza to check out the Carnevale festivities. And this is what we found:
Not exactly the weekend we planned. We've got a ski trip planned this coming Saturday, so we're hoping for a much better day. Now I have to fight with Expedia about the big issue & probably log some running miles. I need to stick to my half marathon training schedule! But after all this, I confess: I'm feeling pretty lazy right now. And after all this, I think a bit of lazy is okay.


  1. That is a bummer about the trip. I totally felt your pain on that one. On the positive end, you got to hear a fine rendition of "Tequila!!"

    1. This is true. Trying to see the proverbial silver lining in the entire thing... though it's pretty grim. Today is all about checking bank accounts to see what I was charged, then fighting with Expedia to get it back. GRRRRR to them! And of course, today is also about being back on track with my training. I'm sure it'll help pull me out of the funk.