Thursday, March 22, 2012

March Madness Week 3 Results

Ah, Week 3. So close to the finish line for my March challenge I can taste it! As always, Thursday morning is my official weigh-in time. Here's the result:

Yup. You're reading that correctly. I expected a smaller amount of weight loss for Week 3 because of the drastic-ness of Week 2 & the meal adjustments. I weighed myself 3 times to confirm... I like to make sure the scale didn't decide to give me a "false positive," in scientific parlance. All three times, the result was 144.8.

My March goal was to get my scale under 145 lbs. Simply under that, even if it was 144.9 lbs. Well, here I am! I've achieved my short term goal for the month. So the real question is ... where will March leave me? I committed to the meal plan for an entire month & an entire month is what I shall do! I wonder where I'll be on March 31st. I hope you keep reading along to find out!

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