Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Trying to Sweat...

I had a pity party for myself all last week. It was a self-designated week of rest; I was hoping my foot would finally begin to feel better if I truly committed to resting it for 7-10 days. That's great in theory, but it also means a complete reduction in caloric intake to balance out the lack of activity.

Yeah... I didn't do that.

I ate&ate&ate&ate&ate.... feeling sorry for myself the entire time that I couldn't get out & work off the calories. And the more I thought about how badly I was doing, the more inclined I felt to have more pizza, gelato, & wine. Friends, it was a seriously bad week for me from an emotional eating standpoint.

When the weekend rolled around, I began pulling myself together. I managed to do some gardening & play with the dogs. I cleaned up a few rooms in the house. I did laundry. In other words, I finally peeled my butt off the couch. And every little bit of sweat on my brow felt wonderful.

Which leads me to yesterday (Tuesday). To start with, I made sure I prepped all my food, leading to a successful "clean-eating" day. No caving, no treats. Simple clean eating. I'd decided I felt well enough to give the foot a chance at a 1-mile run. Just one mile on the track to warm up before my usual weight session with my trainer. I even strapped on my new Garmin 910XT for the first time. I was really excited. And then this happened:
Holy crapballs. This is bad. And it's all down to my foot. My lungs were ready to go, my legs were ready to move, & my stupid left foot refused to cooperate. By the end of the single mile, I was devasted. I was in terrible pain. And limping again, actually. I made it through my weight session with my trainer, but I was horribly demoralized. I even choked up while I was lifting, though I managed to choke down the hysterics & kept on lifting. It was awful. I expected I'd set my healing back by weeks.

Then I woke up this morning.

Funny enough, it wasn't that bad. I got up, walked & fed the dogs, took my shower, then headed to the kitchen to make my own breakfast. And I realized something: I wasn't limping. I didn't feel great, per se, but I wasn't screaming in pain or anything like it. And that feeling has lasted throughout the day. I'm relieved that I didn't get what I deserved out of rushing my healing.

I am going to try cycling again; originally, it was too painful to put that much stress (via the pedal) on my foot. Just to keep active. And now, for the first time ever, I'm hitting the pool for a swim after work. This is a big deal; I hate swimming for exercise. But I figure it's a great excuse to use my Garmin 910XT while the healing continues. Hopefully, I'll get some answers from my doctor at my follow-up appointment on Friday. But in the meantime, I guess I'm a swimmer now...


  1. leave your watch at home!!!!!
    don't let the time stress you out. listen to your body ( and remind me to do the same once i think i can run again after my sprained ankle!)

    one day at a time. :)

    1. Leave my watch at home? Not possible. I lovelovelove gadgets. It helps motivate me. And since it's brand new, it's been my first opportunities to actually use it.

      Finally got some good news about the foot though... that's coming up next!