Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Some weeks are just awesome...

...this is not one of those weeks.

I'm still dealing with incredible pain in my foot left over from the half marathon. I've gone in for two X-rays (2 weeks apart), so I'm hoping to get some sort of resolution & pain relief. Of course, that didn't stop me from Googling potential self-diagnoses. The only options I found were stress fractures & something called Extensor Tendonitis. I've also been chastised by friends for attempting to self-diagnose, which I'm sure I rightly deserved. I'm trying to be patient, but it's tough when the doctors don't know what to do with you. These are the moments when I wish we had an actual Sports Medicine doctor on the base. Then maybe I could get some answers.

And then I got this in the mail:

I wanted to wait a few months before buying my new toy. However, the United States Postal Service decided to cut off our ability to receive any mail with lithium ion batteries in it. Apparently they catch fire in cargo bays of airplanes... even though they're shipped over commercially all the time. This means we can no longer buy anything online that contains a lithium ion battery. It's going to suck. I wanted this Garmin bad enough to purchase early, before I was technically "ready" to spend the money. And now I can't even use it for its intended purpose. It's just sitting there, mocking me with its shiny new-ness. My Garmin is a jerk.

Until I get some answers (or an actual reduction in pain), I'm at an "all stop" in all activity. I even stopped cycling because the pressure from the peddle was hurting my foot. Just walking around around for too long ends up hurting my foot. I'm even taking a week off weight training, that's how focused I'm trying to be on healing properly. I want to get my act together & start swimming after work (just to use the stupid new Garmin), but I can't seem to pull myself together... because I just want to run! I'm supposed to start a marathon training cycle on June 4th... 100% unlikely if this continues. I know I'm beating the same drum of injured runners everywhere: I WANT TO RUN!

In other news, Penny has taken over my life & my house.

Princess Pennykins of Sabotino: her super-long nickname
Truly, she's a highly-intelligent animal. The major problem we're still having is my other 2 dogs hating her. Gradually, LittleDog has warmed up. They play together a little bit, but Penny gets overly excited, starts jumping around, & ends up freaking LittleDog out enough to run away. BigDog hates Penny. Simply hates her. Takes every opportunity to snap & snarl at her. I have no idea if he'll ever stop doing that, so we're very careful when they're together. After only one week in our house, though, she's pretty much housebroken (even if her muscles are still adjusting, she gets it). She's learning appropriate play & seems to love running around in the yard. We're still working on fetch; mostly, it's keep-away-from-the-humans right now. I'm really looking forward to having her as a running partner in about 6-8 months. It's going to be great. I can't wait to buy her a glow-in-the-dark vest!


  1. Ugh that sucks about you all getting limited stuff in the mail. Can you possibly get your friends in the states to send it to you or is that still too dangerous? Looks like a neat toy!

    I'm glad Penny is settling in nicely. I hope Bigdog warms up to her. I've heard that a lot of dogs don't like boxers but that just seems weird for dogs to not like a particular breed.

    My bichon learned fetch by accident I think and he's the best little fetcher ever! She's adorable and can't wait for more pics.

    1. I think that reputation for other dogs not liking Boxers is due to how Boxers "communicate." I'm learning a lot about it; they like to bat things around with their paws & are touchy-feely that way. I can see why that would bother another animal. Plus, she's pretty "jumpy." BigDog is a senior citizen, so he's probably just thinking "get off my lawn."

      As far as the mail goes, your idea is EXACTLY what I'm going to do from now on. It's just ridiculous; tell me why I can bring my laptop on a plane for travel, my iPhone, & my Kindle... but I can't mail things to myself? It's total crap. So we're all just going to end up purchasing & having the products sent 3rd party with nothing properly accounted for on the customs form. Which makes the law completely useless as a law.

  2. Bonnie: I am so sorry about your foot. I hope you can do some swimming soon to keep active. I was going to mention the same thing that Iceflow said. You will have to pull in some friends and family from the States to start sending you stuff. This will be a good thing because I am sure you are missing some sort of sweet treat that you can't find!! Sending some healing vibes your way from Michigan.