Friday, August 10, 2012

Keeping my eyes on the prize..

I've got big dreams, folks. As you all know, I'm finally dealing with one of my lifelong dreams: I'm taking the LSAT in December in London. But this isn't a blog about the law... it's a blog about running & being fit. So let's talk about that dream for a moment.

I'm still chasing the elusive marathon. For every 3 steps forward, I end up 2 steps back. Injury is my enemy. I don't seem to be able to hit & sustain the paces I want to finish runs in the time I want. And so I chase.

And chase.

And chase.

I want 2013 to be my marathon year. It may be the last time I have the chance to run a marathon in Europe (excluding London; I'll always try to run that) & I want to blow it out. I've been obsessing for the last 24 hours over Rome (March 2013) & Edinburgh (May 2013). If I'm honest with myself, I admit I want to run both of these.

I'm hungry for marathon success. I even dream of hitting a 4-hour marathon (9:09 pace). I know this takes time & commitment... & I'm not always willing to give up my time. But with my new training partner, Princess Pennykins, I have to keep her exercised. And I know when she's finally allowed to run (age-wise), we're going to make a great team.

Do I sign up for 2 marathons, only 9 weeks apart? Is that a bit extreme? I don't know. But sitting here today, it feels like the right thing to do. Because I'm tired of dreaming & not acting. What good are dreams if we don't work to achieve them?

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