Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wow! Biggest 2 Days Ever!

Holy crapballs, readers! Something about my last post seems to have struck a chord. That, & the kind person who recommended the blog on Rediit. All that action has led to the most viewed post I've ever had & the most traffic I've ever had!

To my newest readers, WELCOME! I hope you enjoy & read some of the past posts. I post lots of photos, mostly in Superman pose.... I talk a lot about my dogs (& related grief)... & I wear a lot of Running Skirts. I try to stay focused on the fitness/health things here, but sometimes I stray from the topic because I get bored... or have boring workouts.

I hope everyone sticks around & leaves comments! I'll try to respond when I can. And again, thanks so much to everyone for stopping by. I really do appreciate it!

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