Friday, October 5, 2012

The Night Before the LSDR

*LSDR = long slow distance run

Ah... the night before the LSDR. My favorite night of the week. If I've planned my week properly (which I'm getting better at), it means a ladies night out at a local restaurant. If my planning is off, it means grabbing a solo meal with my Kindle in hand, reading while I enjoy sushi at my favorite buffet. Either way, I win.

Every. Single. Time.

I don't carb load unless my LSDR is 10+ miles. That means that for the majority of 1/2 marathon training, I'm not carb loading at all. Yes,  you read that right. I train that way because I'm still in the process of losing weight. If I carb loaded for every LSDR, I'd never make any progress towards slimming down. So when I hit my first 10 mile LSDR, I was so excited because it meant getting to have pizza the night before without any of the guilt associated with eating something "unclean." I'm dedicated to slimming down while running; not an easy thing to do because running definitely makes a person hungry. There are plenty of magazines/blogs out there that testify to the same thing: it's hard to lose weight while logging serious miles because the in/out caloric balance can be difficult to maintain under those circumstances. However, at the 1/2 mara distance, the pangs are not nearly as bad as when I was training for the full marathon distance.

Oh, how I love the night before the LSDR. It means I get to enjoy the company of friends & a meal I don't normally have. If I'm solo, I get to enjoy a great book & sushi... my own personal ritual I keep for myself & don't share with anyone except my husband (when he's home). It gives me something to look forward to during the week & a reason to keep to the straight-&-narrow during the week. If I've done everything right (clean eating) during the week, I've earned my pre-LSDR meal.

And so, it the spirit of the LSDR, here's an overview of my day:

I spent my lunch hour at yoga. Wearing size small pants (awesome!). I love doing yoga during lunch because I'd normally just sit around & eat. Occassionally I even take a power nap. But yoga classes give me the chance for "free fitness..." in other words, I don't have to find time for it because I already get a lunch break.
Post Yoga photo. Can you tell I'm tired?

I went to dinner with friends, too. We went to a place I'd never been to, but I ordered the same thing I always order at new places: pizza prosciutto with buffalo mozzarella. This one was a little different than I'm used to. The mozz & proscuitto was added after the pizza was cooked. And the crust was super thin & crunchy. It was awesomely delightful! I also had a side of *pizza & drank water.

*UPDATE: Pizza? Who has a side of pizza when they're already eating pizza? My side was fries w/ketchup. WTF?*

I was out a little later than I'd expected, but it was a nice night out with the ladies, talking about all kinds of crazy things. When I got home, I frantically put together a gym bag & played a bit of Frisbee with Penny. She wasn't really interested, though. Which was fine, because the LSDR requires an early bedtime. So we got in some cuddle time, LittleDog chewed a bone (I never talk about Hermione, my little Pekingese) & kept herself amused... & I turned in early to get enough rest for my LSDR.

Final long run of the training cycle... HERE I COME!

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