Monday, October 8, 2012

Music Monday: Flotbots (remix)

Hi everyone. It's Monday, which means it's time for another Music Monday! 

Awhile back, I downloaded Flotbots "Handlebars" from the Xtreme Cardio Mix (available on iTunes). It's up-tempo from the version I'm posting here & much more suited to running than this version. But this is the only energized version I could find on YouTube, so it's what you get.

I freaking love running to this song. LOVELOVELOVE. Why? Because it's all about what the guy can do! According to the lyrics, he's the awesomest of awesome... which is pretty powerful messaging to listen to while you're running. 

Towards the end of a run, when you're feeling broken down & you just want it all to be over, this is a fantastic song to listen to & think about what you're doing... & how you could lead the nation with a microphone, or split the atom of a molecule... or kick your run into high gear & get it done! It feels great to be alive & on top!

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