Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Another clean week down!

I'm a bit late posting this, but better late than never. Another week of clean eating & another update.

Last week was a fairly decent week. I took Penny out for our first mile together. She's going to be a great runner, but she's really nervous of everything around her. It made the mile a little bit challenging... & I also figured out I need a much better leash for her to make it easier to hold onto her while we're running together.
Blurry: Penny licking my face
Just one mile? No way! But it was very dark & I didn't want to be out by myself. So I popped onto the treadmill for 3 more miles. I left my warm clothes on; it was a bit warm but I made it through. And I'm wearing my new favorite shirt: Road Runner's Softy Wool Long Sleeve running shirt. I can't express how much I love this shirt. It's soft and cozy and has thumb holes. How can  you go wrong? I wish they sold more than just two colors, though. I'd wear them ALL THE TIME just "because."
In my new favorite running shirt.
After 4 miles of running, I was hungry. I finally perfected my Pumpkin Protein Smoothie. One of my favorite ways to serve this up is in a big fattie Austrian beer glass. My husband got this for me December 2011 while we were in SkiWelt. I loved Stiegl Weisse beer, so we stopped at a grocer to buy some on the way home. He's so crafty; he bought a beer gift set, which included this awesome glass. But now that I don't consume adult beverages, it's just been sitting in my cabinet... until now. Now it's my protein shake receptacle.

Here's how I make this: 1 scoop vanilla protein power, 1/3 cup canned pumpkin puree, 1/2 to a full cup of almond milk (based on creamy preference), 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract, & cinammon & pumpkin pie spice to taste. Add Ice & blend. Depending on how much almond milk & ice you prefer, the larger the glass you will need. When I'm making the full amount, I bust out this glass.
Pumpkin Protein Shake of Awesome.

I took advantage of my Monday off & went on another shopping trip. Weight loss is great, but it had meant a lot of shopping to reboot my entire wardrobe...right down to my underclothes. And that's an expensive undertaking.. & it takes a lot of time. So I take advantage of all my extra time and money to buy new clothes.

New clothes FTW.
And after all that, it was weigh-in time. I wasn't expecting too much, but I was surprised that I'd lost another pound! It amazed me because I upped my daily caloric intake during the week to counterbalance the lunch time running.

Clean eating results
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, the official end of my clean eating streak. I've been about 90% successful in my streak. I count that as success because it helped to keep my weekends honest. I also discovered new mealsl & new favorite times-of-day to do my grocery shopping. I figured out that running during lunch = easy way to log miles. I even invented my own protein shakes. I think it's been a successful streak for me. This is a way of life for me, but this was a productive exercise in learning new recipes & ways to make the clean eating lifestyle fit for me.


  1. Another great outfit Bonnie :)
    I wanted to ask you if you know the "healthy living" blog community; so many fab. blogs with lots of advice, healthy recipes and workout suggestions too. One of them is, if you go in her friend page you can find a list of others - some of the ones I follw are Kath eats, Daily Garnish, Oh she glows, a foodie stays fit,Carrots ‘N’ Cake,Daily Garnish (her recipes are yuuuuuummy!!)peas and thank you, sound eats, fannetasticfood ,... some of them are RD. now I am hungry :S

    1. Oh man... now I've got a ton of websites to look at! I've been hunting all over the place for new recipes, though I'm addicted to the slow cooker. "Set it & forget it" is my favorite/only way to cook.