Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Fun

I can't lie; I had a fanstastic weekend! I had a girls' night out EVERY SINGLE NIGHT OF THE WEEK. Just a bit ridiculous... & a whole lot of expensive, but I really enjoyed myself.

Friday night was a "Boots & Bras" night. It was all about shopping for boots & bras! Can you think of anything more girlie than a shopping trip devoted to boots & bras? I can't! Sadly, I wasn't successful in my quest on Friday night. We enjoyed our evening, though, & even had dinner out. Gotta love Italy right now because everything is pumpkin. I had a beautiful pumpkin & shrimp pasta. And since the pasta was homemade, it was still "clean." I focused on eating all the pumpkin & shrimp first, then had a few bites of the homemade pasta. It worked fantastically.

Saturday, I went to a baby shower. I knew the food wouldn't be "clean," so I brought my own meal with me. Sure, people who don't know me think that's really weird. But I don't give a damn about them. I roll with it because I know those crazy calories just aren't worth it for me. It's an adjustment, for sure, but I'm so used to doing that by now that I don't really think twice about it.  Once I saw the food, I was super-glad I had food on me. It was all comfort foods; there wasn't even a veggie tray! Hurray for brown rice & ground turkey!

After the shower, a few of us hit the local shopping mall. On the recommendation of friends,  I ended up buying this outfit & these boots:
ZOMG I'm in leggings!

Finally found boots to love

BIG brain adjustment for me to go out in leggings. But after an hour or so, I stopped feeling like I was wearing my underwear in public & felt more comfortable. Well, maybe not entirely comfortable, but I was/am trying to get there. I think a strange thing happens when you gain/lose a lot of weight: you forget how clothes are supposed to look. In the years it took me put it on & take it off, fashion passed me by. I'm learning what's new & fashionable these days...& it's a bit challenging for someone who still feels huge, even though I'm not fat anymore. I find myself amazed at how long you can carry the "fat girl" image in your head. For me, it's true when they say when people get thin, they still see a fat person in the mirror. It's a mental thing; I know it & I have to get over it. And I know the more I step outside my clothing-comfort-zone, the better off I'll be when it comes to wearing fitted clothing. So I try. :)

After two full days of romping all over Vicenza, I spent Sunday at home with the puppies. My morning started with an entire pot of coffee. Instead of creamer, I've fallen in love with Almond Milk. Makes me feel far less guilty about drinking an entire pot of coffee. I also had a massive headache... kind of like an "I-was-out-too-late-hangover..." the kind of thing that happens when you get older & don't drink when you go out & you're used to going to bed by 9:30 PM. After catching up with "The Vampire Diaries," one of my guilty TV pleasures, I finally decided to do something with my 13.1 sticker. The original plan was to put it on my car. I found a better place for it:
I'm a fanboy. Deal with it.
The other thing I did (for 6 hours) was negotiate the mounds of laundry that needed sorting, folding, & putting away. It was a marathon cleaning session. I even managed to filter out all the clothes that are too big for me now. There was no saving; if it was too big, it went out. And it looked like this:

Before... That's a lot of lazy right there!
I knew I'd have a lot of clothes to get rid of, but I never expected to have more than a Rubbermaid bin full of clothes. Now all of this is stacked up outside my bedroom. It's really heavy & quite a mess, but my closet & clothes are officially organized. It was awesome to wake up on Monday morning & not have to hunt for matching socks.

I don't even want to think about lugging this downstairs.
And finally, I got a surprise from a friend: a belated birthday present. Full of clean-eating cooking items. My friends are awesome & supportive & I love them all. She knows I'm cooking real food on the weekends & wanted to give me supplies. I think my favorite thing, though, is the magazine. I'm not creative in the kitchen & desperately need recipes to follow. It'll be great to try new things!

It was a really great & social weekend. When your husband is deployed, it's very easy to sit around the house & feel sorry for yourself. That's how the depression spiral starts... which always leads to binge eating. For me, that means overloading on pizza & pasta. I'm very pleased with myself for having a successfully clean weekend while still being social & enjoying myself. It's all about finding balance & not holding yourself back from enjoying your life while still working towards your goals. When you find those compromises, it feels awesome! And this week? It's all about sticking to the usual routine & lunch time running (my new love).

Hope everyone has a great week!

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