Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Starting the Streak!

I took half a day off work to celebrate my birthday... & I used the time to prepare some foods for the streak! The most important part of any meal plan is having staple items in the fridge ready-to-eat at all times.  My staples are brown rice, ground turkey, & hard boiled eggs (HBEs). I eat a lot of HBEs.
Ground turkey cookey!
I spent the rest of the afternoon watching coverage of Hurricane Sandy. It's crazy to think there are places I used to visit, hang out at, & grew up around that may not exist anymore. The Jersey Shore is a great place to visit. It's beautiful. I hope it comes back with gusto next season.

I pulled myself together for my birthday dinner at a local Risotteria. That means the main item on the menu is risotto. I finally got to try pumpkin risotto & fell in love with it!

Pumpkin Risotto made with Valpolicella wine
Our second type of risotto was Pescatora. That means mixed fish risotto. I didn't like it as much; it was insanely salty. I wish we'd had the pumpkin risotto as our second. It would've been a nice finish.

Instead, the big finish was Meringata, which is a type of meringue cake. It wasn't made in a traditional way (layered with a creamy center), but I still enjoyed it. And there was a candle to blow out!
Happy Birthday to me!

I had a wonderful night with wonderful friends. It can be difficult to celebrate anything when your husband is deployed. My friends are awesome!

And finally, this morning. The beginning of my clean eating streak. As promised, I did a formal weigh-in. And a weekend of indulgence, then a birthday dinner, definitely took its toll.

I'm not worried, though. I know the streak is going to take this right back down. I've started off great & haven't had any issues today. I even logged some lunch time track miles. My 34th year is off to a fantastic & positive start!

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