Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Be. Better.

That was my mantra Monday morning. I set my alarm for 0435 with the intention of hitting the treadmill before going to work. The alarm went off as scheduled but I did not get out of bed. I rolled over & pulled the covers back over my head. It was an epic failure & I was disappointed in myself all day because of it. And did I try to recover at the end of my day? Nope. I spent the entire day feeling sorry for myself instead of being better.

This morning, my alarm went off at 0435. Again. And again, I turned it off & proceeded to roll back over. I contemplated not getting up... & almost talked myself out of it. But something snapped & my brain screamed at me: BE BETTER! I violently threw myself out of bed (I slipped & almost fell), shoved my contacts in my eyes, yanked my retainer out without brushing my teeth, suited up in a new cute outfit (unintentional; it was set out from days ago & I never used it), & jumped on the treadmill.

It was later than I wanted to start, but I figured it didn't matter how many miles I logged so long as I logged them at all. I figured I could get in 2 miles; less than my usual run, but the achievement was waking up & getting it done. And as always happens, the first mile blew by & I decided to stick it out for my usual 3 miler.

And the best part of my morning? Getting to put a dollar in my "Fitness Fund" jar. This year, I'm saving a dollar/euro for every workout I do. And if I ski 20 miles in a day, I get a shiny $5. I also write the day down on the jar, the goal being to have the jar completely written on by the end of the year. It was super-satisfying to put that dollar in my jar this morning!

And now the rest of my day is set. I already feel better knowing I don't have this hanging over my head for later. I am pleased with myself because I fought the duvet & won the battle. What does winning the war look like? Doing this all week. And now that I've done it once, I know I can do it again... so long as I don't worry about straightening my hair before work.

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