Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ringing in a new year....

100% honesty: December 2012 sucked.

After I came back from London, I skied once. Then I got really sick for about 2.5 weeks & could barely walk up the stairs without hacking my lungs up. Then I skied again... then I got food poisoning. Then my iPhone died. You see the horrible pattern here? When December 31st rolled around, you couldn't have seen a happier human being than myself... because I wanted the month to end. Desperately.

2013 got off to a great start. I came home from a party & decided to plug my iPhone in (around 1:30 AM), just to see if it would work. And miraculously, my iPhone was resurrected! My power button broke a long time ago & I've been too cheap to have it fixed. But that becomes a problem when your software crashes & you need to do a hard reset... but you can't because the power button is broken. By letting the battery completely drain, I forced a hard reset. Not on purpose, obviously. I thought it needed a funeral. I even bought a new phone; not a new iPhone, but a cheapy Android-based Samsung smartphone. But now that I've seen Proof-of-Life in my iPhone, I'm going to finally take it for service. New screen, power button, & possibly even battery. I'll have a practically brand-new device! And in the meantime, I've got a serviceable smartphone replacement. It's never a bad thing to have a back up cell phone.

I'm looking forward to a year of [possible] big changes & big plans. I'm just like everyone else; I came up with resolutions/goals for 2013... & took the process so seriously that I wrote them on a Post-It note. Hear the sarcasm? Yeah, that's because my resolutions/goals haven't changed much from last year. That's kinda disappointing, really. I hope to do better this year. And after A Long December of non-existent fitness, I'm looking forward to getting back on track, doing the right thing, & continuing to size down.

Let's hear it for a healthy, fit, & happy 2013!

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  1. Uh-huh, let your iPhone start your luck in2013. Hehe. Are you done pampering your phone now? You certainly owe it that poor device. You’re fortunate that the battery draining worked in your favor, and you now have it functioning again. =)

    Venus Eckert