Thursday, July 18, 2013

I Did it...

I've gone & done it now...I just signed up for the Disney Marathon on January 12, 2014.

What the crap was I thinking?

First of all, let's talk expense. $175 to sign up, then I just had to buy the commemorative necklace (I've got a thing for running jewelry, even though I own only one piece right now)...& after a conversation with Mr. X & the lingering doubts left by my Venice DNF, I went ahead & bought the Race Retreat package...another $120. All I could think is that if it turns out to be very cold January in Florida, then the protection of a temperature-controlled tent is worth that kind of money.

I just spent $337.41 to run a race that I'm not even sure I want to do... how much of a sucker am I??

After the freak out of actually signing up for this & knowing there are no refunds, I thought about the price. Of course, I didn't have to buy the extras. I chose those amenities because of fear...which I think I'll be glad about in the end. But Disney races are wicked expensive, everyone. If you decide to run one, be ready for how much it's going to cost you. My advice: start saving NOW for next year...for crying out loud it's expensive.

When I first started this blog, it was all about my trying to run a marathon...hence the name "26.2 to Go." But then the Venice thing happened & it messed with my head, badly. I stepped back & stuck to what I already knew I could achieve: half marathons.

But I'm about to move to Florida. After next week, I'm unemployed. So why not devote the time to running, reaching the fitness level I've dreamed of for the past 6 months, & get on with this marathon thing? Because I'm about to have nothing to do with my days other than this. And as adults, goals are important...goals keep us moving, driving forward, even when we have nothing else going for us. Goals are our adult motivators the way a trip to ToyRUs used to be when we were kids.

This is the line of crap I was feeding myself, to convince myself, 2 nights ago when I registered.

As I hit the "pay now" button, I said to myself, "I will always find excuses to not do this...but what are the reasons to do this?" Time to put up or shut up, folks.

Next question I need to answer for myself...Can I do it in 4 hours? I'm nothing if not ambitious, right?  ;)

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