Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Our last training session

As a gift to her clients, my trainer planned a last minute event: an opportunity for us to go thru HER training session. To see what she goes thru when she's working on herself...which means her husband was running the show. So a few of us met at the cross fit gym for a satisfying & awesome morning.

I had to get a pic before we started. And I look ridiculous. I didn't realize how stupid-girlie-style I displayed my "guns."

Her husband walked us thru the circuit so we'd know what to expect. I got to do pull ups (or at least try), I even tried to climb a rope! Jumping, kettle bell, dead lifts...a whole bunch of stuff I'm not used to doing. At all.

On our second circuit, her husband started taking pics. See all that sweat? That's for real. So was the nausea.

See this? This is me trying to NOT vomit. For the second time in 15 minutes.

Nope. Not amused. But holy crap, my braids have gotten LONG!

And finally, we were all done with our circuits. And I tried to look a bit more hard core in my next "guns" pic.

But because we all love her, we couldn't just let her go like that we went out to dinner.

We all look really nice cleaned up, don't we? And it's always great to know you worked out hard & EARNED that fabulous pizza.

She's officially stateside now...& I think we've chatted every single day on Facebook. And I've done very well....I'm still hitting the gym, I'm even showing a friend how to lift before I leave!

Sorry for the divergence from the running...but all fitness is good fitness!

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