Saturday, August 31, 2013

Lost & Found...All at the same time

After one international flight from hell & 918 miles of I-95S purgatory, we've finally arrived to our new town, Gainesville. That's the one in Florida, NOT Georgia, in case you're wondering.

The flight over was ridiculous. About 5 hours wasted sitting on the tarmac, just waiting for planes to take off. Yes, that's planes PLURAL. Every flight we took was delayed on the tarmac. With our dogs on the flight in cargo & the heat, I was nervous about that. But we all arrived in one piece.

I'm gonna miss you, Alps.

Awe man...I want to ski!

We spent time in Delaware & New Jersey visiting family. We ran a bit in DE. We hit the gym a bit in NJ because we were able to get a 2 week membership to Gold's Gym in Paramus. I didn't get to work out much because I hurt a muscle in my neck, so it really messed things up for us. At one point, I didn't even have full range of motion & couldn't drive at all. It was pretty bad...made worse by an ill-fated attempt to run with said injury. So we only got one week out of our 2 week membership. Which means I lost some of my fitness. :(

Became my FAVE water.

Mr. X got measured for running shoes!

But the real fun was visiting my old trainer, Heyda Diaz, at Fort Bragg, NC! She & I went to the gym a couple of times; I'd finally healed by then. She even took me on a "field trip" to GNC to learn about supplements. Which I did & tried. We started small with BCAA to help my "muscle children" stay in place with all my upcoming running (marathon training). We ate VERY well while we were there...her husband is an excellent cook. So is mine, so they were trading secrets. And my husband helped her husband finish building her in-house gym so she can start her business!

Husbands hard at work making pasta!

Yup. We worked out!, folks!

Check it out at, by the way. She's doing online & in-house training. I can't recommend Heyda Diaz enough!

If it sounds like a boring trip, that's because it was a boring trip. Moving is eventful & uneventful all at the same time. Now that we've found ourselves at our final destination of Gainesville, FL, all our energies are focused on finding a house...& the gym, because we immediately joined Gainesville Health & Fitness. And started going...because that's what I do!

Go Gators!  (See, I'm learning to blend with the locals)

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