Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What I'm missing...

I was commenting on a DailyMile's friend's page...he had a "great run & really enjoyed it." I was happy for him; he had some hamstring issues & I know what it's like to finally run pain-free.

But then I thought to myself: when was the last time I actually enjoyed running?

The answer: I honestly don't know.

Seems crazy, right? I mean, why keep doing something you're not sure you enjoy anymore? After my last, rain soaked half marathon, I think I hated running. Sure, people run in adverse conditions all the time...but it was so damned miserable that it made me hate the sport. Hate it just enough to seriously dabble in other things. I've always lifted, but I found I enjoyed lifting weights & cross fit-type activities more than running.

Even today, when I had my first run of the marathon training cycle, I still don't know when the last time I enjoyed running was... Maybe a year ago when I was training for the Munich Half Marathon?

As I go forward in my training for the Disney Marathon in January 2014, I hope I will find what I've been missing for quite some time. I hope rediscover the joy & exhilaration of running instead of it always feeling like a job to me. I hope the break I've taken helps me get the excitement back.

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