Tuesday, February 22, 2011

After a great weekend...

I took the long holiday weekend off running. Entirely. I've actually been off running for about 1.5 weeks. If you recall, my last real run was to test drive my Asics. Well, I decided to give my legs some real healing time & lay off the running. I want to come back fresh to the sport I love.

I actually ended up "cheating" on running by spending the long weekend skiing. I'm very much a beginner skier, Mr. X & I went up to Garmisch, Germany for a nice ski weekend. And as usual, there was a shoe problem. In this case, Mr. X talked me into the purchase of ski boots, which pretty much means I have to ski a lot to make the purchase "worth it." I don't mind so much; I had a blast! I got to do something fitness-related that didn't really feel like fitness. It was a great break.

So now what? It's back to running, my first love. I feel refreshed & energized. I think taking a break was beneficial for my body & mind... it was becoming stressful to try & run & constantly be in pain. Being refreshed, I can focus my mind to the task of training & getting ready for the marathon in May. I'm cutting it close, but so long as I don't have any more training disasters, I'll be able to do it. I start pounding pavement tomorrow.


  1. A ski vacation sounds lovely! I've never really been one for skiing since it requires you to be cold and wet all of the time but I enjoy the idea of a ski trip.

    And I've heard that it really gives your body a workout so I'm sure that you got your fair share of exercise.

  2. It was lovely & damned good exercise. I checked this morning; even though I was eating "heavy" German food/beer, I actually lost a bit of weight.

    In January, I took a week of ski lessons as part of a "ski package" at the US Military Resort in Garmisch, Germany. That had an ENORMOUS impact on my skiing confidence. So yes, it does happen in the cold, but I don't really get wet. Learning how to ski properly means falling down a lot less than you'd think.

    Plus, there's German beer. That alone is enough incentive. :D