Friday, February 11, 2011

Week 2: Roadblock

Dear Readers: you are about to read about a total physical & mental breakdown.

As previously recorded, I did a 7.6m run on Sunday. I took my traditional 2 days off running (Monday for rest, Tuesday w/personal trainer for cross-training purposes). So the next time I ventured outside for a run was Wednesdays.

It. Was. A Complete. Disaster.

It was supposed to be a 5m run, complete with intervals for speed training (check out FitnessClasses w/Runkeeper). I got about 0.8m & the inside of both my ankles were on fire. I stopped to stretch & continued on my way. Just a short while later, I had to reduce to walking again. Every time I started to run, I felt like I had spikes going through the inside of my legs just above my ankle bones. 

I waddled home, making it an astounding 2.4m. I was a complete mess.

By the time Scott was able to make it down from our home office, I was sitting on our stairs, crying my fool eyes about from pain & utter disappointment. It's not an exaggeration to say it was some of the worst pain I've felt in my entire life. 

Scott immediately launched into an assessment of what could possibly be wrong. He judged that because my legs hurt in identical spots, it must be the shoes. It's my first time out with traditional sneakers (I miss my VFFs) & the doctor & physical therapists have recommended motion control. So that's what I bought. But as Scott examined my wear/tear on my shoes, he thought that determination was completely wrong.

Today: for the first time ever (don't ask me why I've never done this before), I actually did the "wet paper bag" test. This involves putting a paper bag on the floor, wetting your feet, & walking across the bag. Depending on how much of your foot shows up, you'll need a different type of shoe. The result for me? Not even close to flat feet (i.e. motion control shoes that were recommended to me by doctors!).

Is this a full-proof test? Nope. Does it take the place of an actual fitting by professionals at a running store? Nope. However, maybe it'll help me get to the right pair of shoes I need to jump into this training I want so badly. 

Tomorrow I'm off to purchase new running shoes (again). I'm going for Asics Cumulus 12. I tried them on, but with no knowledge of the shoe, I didn't want to buy until I'd done my research. They fit wonderfully (I mean, perfectly awesomely wonderful), but I got skittish about spending more $$$ on gear that may/may not work for me. After a bit of research & my non-scientific foot test this evening, I'm hopeful for the first time in awhile. :D

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