Monday, March 21, 2011

My New Plan

I seem to come up with a lot of plans, don't I? I think that's because I haven't found one that works for me just yet. So here's my latest...

Monday: Rest (work is usually busy)
Tuesday: X-train w/weights (legs/core)
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Short & Light Track Run (30 minutes), X-train w/weights (upper body/core)
Friday: Medium Run (30-45 minutes)
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Long Run (45-60 minutes)

This plan has the approval of my fitness trainer, so that feels pretty good. It's a struggle for me to balance rest time against exercise time. Often times, "rest" turns into "falling off the wagon." So a big challenge has been figuring out how to intersperse rest into my routine exactly where I need it without having blocks of time off. This plan/routine exactly matches the marathon training cycle I plan to use (starting in June, when all the run times will adjust to meet the demands of the training cycle). Better to start the habit now instead of trying to adjust to something new later...right?

Base rebuilding=EXACTLY what I need right now.

I'll let you know how it goes. It officially starts next week...does that sound like I'm shirking? Not really, considering I just designed this plan today. :D

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