Friday, March 25, 2011

Strange Training Day

I've been using the track on post to get motivated & start running outside again. By not going home, I've been able to keep my schedule. All in all, this new training plan is working out for me... but yesterday was strange. I'd packed my gym bag the night before & I [apparently] was in a total haze when I packed it because I forgot my bodyglide & my socks! I decided to just get on with it & do the run/weight training anyway. So I stuck my naked feet into my Newtons & went about my 3.42 mile run on the track.

The ramifications? Not really any at all! I'm shocked. My feet feel a little bit raw today, but just like I'd been on my feet all day. No blisters, no hot spots... nothing. I even lifted weights, though only an upper body/core workout. I've been trying to figure out the Newtons & how to run properly on them, & somehow doing it sans socks helped me to feel the strike zone much better. I had an incredibly enjoyable run!

I'm nearing the close of my "trial week" with this training schedule. So far, I'm having success & it feels great. I've been broken for so long, I've had to create an entirely new way to train/exercise. This week has been confidence-building for me. Only 2 more runs to go in this week, then I can do a full assessment... but so far, so good!

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