Monday, June 13, 2011

Breakdown: Week 1 Done!

I did it. I got thru Week 1 of an acutal marathon training cycle... just barely. Here's the Breakdown:

Monday: I've already reported on this one, but I want to reiterate... this run kicked me off in the right way. Blazing pace for me, & I've tried to maintain the pace the entire week. Felt great to run with Mr. X. Running Buddies are awesome!

Tuesday: A day with my trainer. We always do leg weights on Tuesdays. She turned it into a circuit-training event, so I was definitely smoked. For the first time, I was actually sore.

Wednesday: I woke up still sore, so I took the day off. Yes, I cheesed out.

Thursday: For my warm up, I ran an interval-style run. 1 mile on the track at a 10:15 pace, then walked a lap, then decided to run a 2nd mile at a 10:33 pace. After all that, I met up with my trainer for arms/back/abs with weights. I was exhausted by the time I left. Also... doing abs with gall bladder issues is not the best thing for a person.

Friday: Another day of rest. I was just uber lazy.

Saturday: Ah, the day I tried to outrun Mother Nature herself. I decided I had to run in the morning because I'd missed Friday. I looked at the sky; it was black on one side, but I figured I could make it. Here's how it went:

Pretty good stuff for me! I was able to maintain the speed I'd been running with Mr. X. Of course, about 0.5 miles from my house, the skies opened up & I was completely stuck in the rain. At least it helped cool me down.

Sunday: The worst day of my week. I was meant to do my first "long run." By the standard of my program, the first long run was 4 miles, so this was really just a regular loop for me. I woke up & didn't have it in me. I went off to a BBQ, didn't overeat or anything, & had some soup when I got home. I kept telling myself I'd get it done, even if it meant running on the T-Mill... but I completely fell apart. Plus, it was in the 80s, which is way too hot to run outdoors for me. So I crapped out... but I made the run up today (Monday 13 June)... but you won't read about it until next week's Breakdown.

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