Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Defeating the Duvet

*Thanks to Ben on DailyMile for the title to this post.

I did it. I got up at 0530 & was out the door by 0545 on Monday. I felt the need to make up for the run I skipped on Sunday. I understand that feelings of guilt aren't necessarily productive... that I shouldn't be too hard on myself... but I didn't have an excuse. Nothing happened except for my utter laziness. So I got my act together & headed out Monday morning.

Looks like running this early in the morning is good for me! I wasn't sure what to expect; I'm still figuring out my body in the new schedule, but I seem to have done okay. I even shaved a bit from the previous Monday run with Mr. X. I've seen some steady progress, so I'm very happy with the results. And I was on a make-up run, I'm mostly proud that I got myself out of bed, defeated the duvet, & got my butt out there.

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