Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rest Days

As a person learns all about the sport of running & getting in shape, one hears a lot about "rest days." These are days to give the body a break & allow itself to heal from the crazy workouts we put ourselves through. And yes, rest days are critical to success; by taking a rest & healing, we reduce our chances for injury. A lot of folks use rest days as an opportunity to sleep in & relax. Rest days are for enjoyment.

So why I am so miserable?

I hate rest days. I loathe rest days. Not in principle, of course. I understand the absolute need for healing. But I'm so bored! I end up with nothing to do & it makes me feel lazy. Then I stress about every single food item I put in my mouth. Next, I end up shopping because I'm tired of stressing about food & want to focus on something positive... which invariably leads to me spending money I didn't really want to spend but my boredom got the best of me & I did it anyway. Just today, I spend almost $200 on "nutrition" for running so I can fuel up during the Long Runs. Yes, I was that bored.

I'm going to have to figure out a way to be better with my rest days. Maybe I'll read more... we're about to reboot KindleWomen, so it's not the worst idea in the world...

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  1. Learn to knit! Of course, I could just be biased (or jealous) because I knit, spin, weave, quilt, and have dairy goats (2 milkers) and just got 2 sheep because, you know, it just wasn't enough with 3 goats, a couple dozen chickens, 4 dogs, 4 indoor cats & 2 barn cats. :D