Sunday, July 3, 2011

Breakdown: Week 4 is out the door!

I was determined to bounce back after the horrors of Week 3. I'm not entirely sure if I succeeded...

Monday: Couldn't have started off worse if I'd tried. I wanted to get up & hit the 7 miles I was supposed to do the previous day. But I was still exhausted... how is that even possible? But I was, so I stayed in bed until my alarm & got ready for work. It was my last "big day" at work for awhile. Having just changed leadership, we've had a few big events. Today marks the end of those, so I should be back to normal in the mornings.

Tuesday: My trainer couldn't make it, so I didn't have my usual training. I did, however, run 5k on my treadmill after work. A friend told me I should lower expectations & commit to 20 minutes. When I hit that point, I decided to round it out to a solid 30 (or so) minute 5k. Felt much better after that.

Wednesday: Ah, the early morning run returns. This was my usual run, but I was running against the Virtual Partner on my Garmin; the goal was to keep my overall pace (including walk breaks) to 11:30. I succeed, so it was a great morning. I felt a bit broken after, though. I wore my compression socks to work & had them on all day. I'm certain that aided in my recovery.

Thursday: Wow. I was supposed to have a normal session with my trainer, but my stupid gall bladder decided to hate me. I couldn't get a hold of my trainer, so I basically stood her up & spent the rest of the night feeling guilty about it. I went to sleep early & woke periodically to the sounds of thunder & rain. It was more relaxing than it should've been.

Friday: Me-1, Duvet-0. My alarm went off & I almost rolled over. But I didn't. I violently threw off my covers, brushed my teeth, took my Prilosec, pulled on my RunningSkirt, & headed out the door. I ran the normal route at an overall pace of 11:38; I was holding back a bit because I didn't want to feel badly the rest of the day. I also had a great evening with the hubby, so it was a great day from top to bottom.

Saturday: A planned rest day full of grocery shopping, gardening, & cleaning. The worst part for me is always the grocery shopping. I hate grocery shopping, even when it's in cool Italian grocery stores. Then I had a fun lunch of frozen pizza; not the best thing at all, but it was tasty. I spent the afternoon gardening & lawn mowing. Gardening counts as fitness, but I don't usually include it in my fitness schedule. My flower beds/containers needed some love, so I spent some time sunning myself & getting some yard work done at the same time. I enjoyed the down time.

Sunday: I woke up at 0630 & said (out loud), "I do not want to get out of bed." 3 seconds later, I violently threw myself out of bed, brushed my teeth, pulled on my running clothes, shoved a cereal bar in my pie hold & got out the door. It was about 0700 when I left, so I was concerned about the heat. Not to worry; it rained overnight & we had another cool morning.

I tried to keep my running pace at 12 minutes or under. I usually start off any run going way too fast, so I really tried to hold back on this one. About an hour into it, I busted out the Honey Stinger Lime-Aid Chew. Sure, they're organic & I poo-poo such things. However, I've got a digestive system that hates me. All the recommendations of this product say the natural ingredients are much easier on the stomach, so I gave it a go. And I was pleasantly surprised! The chews are caffeinated, which is what attracted me to them in the first place. They were tasty & easy to chew/swallow; downing the prescribed 5 chews was easy. I ate 5 because I didn't have that long to go. I reached my 7 mile mark & ended the run nicely. After a nice breakfast courtesy of Mr. X, I relaxed a bit. Then I had to clean because we're hosting a BBQ! I'm off to clean myself up & be presentable.  Here's my Sunday Long Run times:

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  1. Sounds like a solid week of training! Way to get it knocked out! Hope you are enjoying your weekend.