Friday, July 8, 2011

Review: Running Skirts

If you've spent any time reading this blog, you know I'm a huge fan of Running Skirts. A few weeks back, I saw on FaceBook they were having a sale; I can't remember the exact details, but for a certain dollar-amount purchase, you got a free logo'd yoga mat. Since I wanted a new yoga mat, it seemed like a good time to place another order with one of my favorite gear companies.

First thing about Running Skirts you need to know is that the shipping takes a bit longer than you'd like. Mostly because when you order your new cute skirt, you want it immediately. It usually takes about 2 full weeks for me to get an order. And that skirt (or shirt, if you've ordered one) comes packed in its own little drawstring bag:
Need a bag?
Pretty useful, right? I've never figured out how to reuse these bags, sadly. I fold my skirts for storage & my shoes don't fit in them. At some point, I suppose I figure something out.

This time around, I ordered 2 skirts, 3 shirts, a Sprinter Stick (for recovery), & my free yoga mat. Well, I didn't order the yoga mat per se, but it came with my order. Here's all my pretties:
So many pretties!
Only 2 shirts in the picture because the other one I ordered is back ordered right now. These are actual skirts, the version with the trunks underneath. They're great for my week day runs, worn with a bit of BodyGlide to keep my thighs from chafing while rubbing together. For long runs, I wear the athletic skirt version, which have spandex shorts underneath. 

To give you an idea of the material, it feels like a swimsuit to the touch. If you're like me & sweat buckets after 2 minutes of any movement whatsoever, you'll be thankful for that. It's lightweight & can take a beating. I don't feel gross when I'm done because the material is capable of handling the sweat.

The best thing about these skirts are the pockets. Not enough apparel is made with good & useful pockets (I curse my suit skirts... they need pockets!) for my phone, keys, money, & nutrition. Running Skirts have a pocket on each thigh that secures with velcro. That might not seem very secure, but nothing jiggles around. 

The only problem I've had with the pockets is that as I've lost weight, my phone weighs the pockets down so much that I moon everyone behind me. If you need to alter your skirt, this blog shows you how. At some point, I'm going to get brave & try it.

Speaking of size, let's talk about it. This is the tag from one of these skirts:
Fairly true to size
For reference, I wear a Size 8 pant from Ann Taylor Loft. So in my Running Skirt (with trunks), I wear a Size 3. A bit snug right now, but I figure I'll shrink into them. BEWARE: the athletic skirt model is sized differently, so you'll be a different size in that skirt.

Running Skirts offers more than just skirts, by the way. There's cold weather gear, dresses, headbands, hydration packs, nutrition, & even fun jewelry to express your running passion. I'm loving the running tees; I love wearing tees with my favorite things on them (my Doctor Who tee is quite worn out), so these casual tees are great new additions to the store. There's even an iPhone app for you to shop on the go! 

So you want to try them out? You can order online at If you'd like to try them on before you buy, you can visit the Skirt Bar at various events around the United States or visit the flagship store in Encinitas, CA. You can also use the Store Locator function on the web site to find a local retailer near you (U.S, Canada, & Malaysia). If you're in Europe, scroll to the bottom of the web site & there's locator info for you too!  The European web site for shopping online is BTW: I ordered my plaid skirts from the EU site... because I couldn't get them anywhere else & they were glad to help me.

There's not much else I can say about Running Skirts. I love 'em & have to thank Mecca at SneakersBananasandSpears for introducing me to this great product. These skirts are awesomely cute & perform their function beautifully. They're serious athletic wear with girly-ness thrown into the mix. I hope you try them out!

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